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Cajees Cycle Cornert will service, repair or upgrade all types of bikes, so whether you're a ‘Commuter’, a ‘Weekend Off-Roader’ or have just dug your bike out of the shed to pop to the shops, we can help.

Whether your bike needs servicing, has a specific problem that needs repairing, or you just want to see if it will all run that little bit more sweetly – then look no further. At Bike Support we are happy to spend time finding out what you want and what your bike needs. A properly set up and serviced bike can be a joy to ride.

What we do


We handle most suspension fork and shock servicing in-house and can advise on correct set-up and adjustment. Likewise, suspension linkages, hydraulic disc brakes and downhill setups are all well catered for in our workshop.


Most repairs and servicing can be carried out within 5 working days. We will call you if your bike requires additional work, and we will call when your bike is ready to go, or if there is a delay.  All bikes are thoroughly tested before handover to ensure everything is working properly for you.

About Cajees Cycle Corner

Cajees Cycle Corner prides its self on great customer service, outstanding warranty and quality products. We have along association with Major Brands and are the largest retailer with 8 branches in Gauteng.


011 869 5502 / 9987 -  (Alberton)
011 760 1519 / 0741348334 - (Roodepoort)
011 826 2951 / 3874 -  (Boksburg)
012 665 1725 / 1765 -  (Centurion)
011 616 1777 / 0446 -  (Edenvale)
011 465 2717 / 0023 -  (Fourways)
011 665 1724 / 660 1457 (Krugersdorp)
011 675 0833 / 675 0838 -  (StrubensValley)



  • Weekdays 9:30 until 17:00
  • Saturdays 9:30 until 15:30
  • Sundays 10:00 until 13:00
  • P/H 10:00 until 13:00
  • CLOSED FRIDAYS between 12:00&14:00